Shrub Trimming

We will evaluate all of your trees and provide recommendations for the best course of action for your yard.

Did you know that properly pruned shrubs live a longer, healthier life?

Shrub around your property will help create a flourishing environment for your landscape. Shrub pruning involves the removal of diseased, dead, or broken branches from your Shrubs. With respect to young shrubs, pruning is vital to healthy growth and development. Pruning will ensure that your small trees are growing with structural integrity and a desirable branch layout. The early years of a Shrub's life are the most important for ensuring longevity and good health, so it’s important to pay close attention to these trees while they’re in their youth.

Shrub also have a higher risk of long-term damage from diseases and pests. Many species of fungi exist that can penetrate the bark of your tree branches, ultimately affecting other areas of the tree. Larger, mature trees can handle the stresses of insect feeding and defoliation well, but only if they grew up in a flourishing way.

Pruning also removes weak branches that would be likely to fall during stormy conditions – which could damage the small plants in your garden and make a mess in your yard. Keeping up with your shrub pruning will maximize the beauty of your landscape and help keep your yard well-maintained.

Pruning is such an important component of your trees’ health and longevity, so make sure you stay on top of them!